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2011/01/11 21h33


Hello ~
We were looking forward to opening the site for Yaksok community, and... after several months, today is the big day!

Currently, there aren't many articles but we are going to work hard to fill the database quickly =)

First of all, here is a little introduction:
Yaksok is an Association loi 1901 (it is a French conventional association regulated by Waldeck-Rousseau law of July 1, 1901) officially created on June 6, 2010.
To learn more about the association's story, please refer to the "About us" section.

This site aims to share our addiction to both countries which are South Korea, the land of morning calm, and Japan, the land of the rising sun, through various articles ~

It's also a means to meet new people and to notice that we are not the only one to love both South Korea and Japan!
Many people get more and more interested to these countries, mainly thanks to mangas, dramas and music ~
As a result, we suggest to share some information here about those topics, but we want to talk about each culture too.
Indeed, some of us have already visited South Korea or Japan, so we will talk about their culture sometimes.
However, we don't know everything. We will share as much information as we can, but we want to gather many people to have different opinions.

You can only add comments with a member account. But we are currently thinking about new functionality...
If you have some ideas, suggestions, criticism, feel free to contact us... ~

We hope you will have a good time there ~
See you soon ~
Soo-yun, Yaksok's president


ikos4ever (2011/01/15 01h17)

1st !
Great !!!

marmotte22 (2011/01/21 10h51)

A quand la prochaine chorégraphie :) ?

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